Many think our history goes back to the first European settlers who arrived in the 1700s, but it actually goes back much further than that.  Petrified trees from 300 million years ago provide clues to the geology that has shaped our landscapes.

When you visit, you can discover this history in museums from one end of the county to the other. You can learn about the Native Americans who lived in the Schoharie Valley thousands of years ago. Down the road, another museum is filled to the rafters with bugles, beads, buttons, maps and more that tell the story of life in the American colonies. You can tour an 18th century Dutch barn and see a fire engine built before George Washington was born!

Our history continues to evolve with the times. As energy conservation and environmental stewardship become ever more important, you can learn how – and why – we make water run uphill. You can interact with exhibits on energy, electricity, and the environment, all designed to spark imaginations and generate fun for people of all ages.

Schoharie County is big on the great outdoors as well, with miles of trails for biking and hiking. Hunting, fishing and boating are popular activities for locals and visitors alike. You also can golf,  mini-golf, drive go-karts, or sail down a hillside on zip lines. In winter, choose from cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoes or snowmobiling.

No visit to Schoharie County is complete without a tour of our underground worlds, two of the largest show caves in the Northeast. In one, take a boat ride on an underground lake… in the other, marvel at a 100-foot underground waterfall.

Schoharie County. It’s a beautiful thing.