What’s for dinner? Around here, the answer may depend on the season, because many of our fine restaurants take advantage of the incredible bounty that comes from our local farms throughout the growing season.

To many travelers, good times are all about the food. Throughout Schoharie County, you’ll discover a variety of restaurants with innovative menus to please virtually any palate and any pocketbook. Many of our restaurants feature locally-grown farm products in the menus, often ‘cooking with the seasons,’ and pride themselves on their signature seasonal cuisines. But no matter when or where you dine, you’ll be welcomed by a gracious staff and a friendly atmosphere.

From the first shoots of asparagus, to summer’s sweet corn and tomatoes, to the many fruits of fall, our kitchens have lots to work with, so come enjoy!

You’ll also find a wide variety of family restaurants, each with its own signature cuisine, gracious staff, and a family-friendly atmosphere. In fact, no matter where you are in Schoharie County, there’s probably a restaurant within five or ten minutes.

Throughout the year, we host a multitude of food festivals: the Maple Festival in spring, an early summer Strawberry Festival, and a grand Harvest Festival in fall. Each is a celebration of our culture, our communities and the bounty we enjoy.

While you’re here, you might want to enjoy an afternoon picnic. If so, visit our farm markets first to build your picnic meal around the best the season has to offer.

Don’t forget to take some home with you! Our region earned the nickname ‘Breadbasket of the American Revolution’ for our role in supplying the troops of General George Washington.

Schoharie County has long been known for its agricultural bounty. In fact, we earned the nickname “Breadbasket of the American Revolution” for the role our farmers played in supplying the troops of General George Washington.

We’ve come a long way since colonial times, and today we produce hundreds of agricultural products: from grass-fed beef and craft beer to maple syrup and distilled spirits. Today, there’s no more delightful place for you to experience the color and warmth of seasonal crops than in Schoharie County.

You’ll quickly discover that our agricultural heritage is alive and well throughout the county at dozens of farm markets and roadside stands, where you can select from a veritable cornucopia of fresh-from-the-field homegrown fruits, vegetables and more.

Here, we’ve listed the farms that welcome the public. As you might expect, most farm markets operate seasonally, so be sure to call ahead.