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Author: Erynne Ansel-McCabe, Travel Trade Manager

“The ancients believed the World to be composed of 4 basic elements – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. These were considered the critical energy forces that sustained life. All of these elements are integral parts of matter or the physical universe, and the human body is a physical creation existing in the material realm.” Ancient-Symbols.com 

Air – Inhale the Positive

Atop Vroman’s Nose - If there was ever a time to take a deep breath, it is now.  The easy hike combined with the soft winds at the top of the Nose whisper “namaste”

Air of Howe Caverns - Scientists believe nature began to slowly craft Howe Caverns some six million years ago; long before even the ancient, extinct animal known as the woolly mammoth appeared on Earth. Age and beauty are not the only qualities that make the caverns unique, they also happen to be one of a very small number of mineral caves (living limestone cave) in the world. Breathe deep the ancient air.

Mine Kill State Park Waterfall - The power of negative ions can enhance our mood and stimulate our senses.  Stand next to the rushing waters in this gorgeous State Park and let them do their magic then enjoy the rest – for free!

Earth – Center Ground

Landis Arboretum -  Landis is a public garden incorporating hundreds of acres of every species of woody plant from all around the world.  A recent addition is the Meditation Garden that provides a quiet, calm place to find balance and reduce stress.

Schoharie Valley Topsoil is said to be almost 12 feet deep in some places.  The spiritual practice of going barefoot in Schoharie County is highly recommended.

Water – Embrace Movement

Blenheim Covered Bridge - The great floods of Schoharie County have occurred over and over in the past hundreds of years with the most recent in 2011.   The resiliency of the land and its residents after each flood event is evident in the creation of new ideas as well as celebrating the past.  The moving, rushing water viewed through the wooden floor of the new Blenheim Bridge reminds us to embrace change.

Schoharie Valley Kayak Rental -  The energy of water is a connection that calls to all of us.  The healing energy of actually feeling the moving water as it surrounds the kayak, is restorative in many ways.  Schoharie Creek bisects the County – it flows north from the Catskill Mountains and empties into the Mohawk River.  Let this glorious waterway heal in the way only it can.

Fire- Unite the Spirit

Sunset at Terrace Mountain Orchards - Atop this mountain located in the Town of Schoharie, the Terrace Mountain Orchard features trees that were planted over 100 years ago, accompanied by sweet young trees.  After walking the Orchard lanes and grabbing some of their famous cider doughnuts, take a right out of their driveway around sunset - the view is spectacular!