Page 12 - 2021 Schoharie County Digital Concierge brochure
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Magic of ancient underground waterways
IMAGINE THE STORIES TO TO TELL of of of of hundreds of of of of miles of of of of underground caves winding their way way through limestone and and and ancient waterways
Above them museums sing the the the the the song of of of of people who had come before and and and and and worked the the the the the rich lands fought the the the the the hard-historic battles honored Native Americans and and and and and exhibited glove making for for the the the the Royals Shopping and and and and and family-friendly lodgings dot the the main roads and and and and special restaurants steeped in in in in in history can can be found year- round The Towns of o Summit Cobleskill Richmondville and and Seward have much to to offer Secret Caverns
Grapevine Farms Gobbler’s Knob ancient tunnels and Old town charm!
one of our best kept secrets!

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