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Rich soil clean water fresh air
“OUR ROOTS RUN DEEP” IS A MOTTO FOUND on on souvenir t-shirts in in this Central Region of of Schoharie County These roots refer to to the the the the the good food grown in in the the the the the area where there is is is is often 12 feet of of of topsoil This Region is is is also known as as as the the the the the “Breadbasket of of of the the the the the American Revolution” which harkens back to to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a time when 18th century farmers kept George Washington’s troops alive with grains With an an an easy climb up one of of the the iconic hills those fields of of patchwork can be seen for miles miles and and miles miles along with numerous public fishing sites glittering Here among these farms are are artists craft beverage producers eclectic shop owners and and and more who share the the the present-day richness of of the Towns of of Middleburgh and Fulton W W Whitman Books
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