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Middleburgh Winery
Schoharie Schoharie County County Beverage Trail—Schoharie County County County boasts some of the the the the most fertile soil in the the the the Northeast so so so so it is is is no no wonder that the the the the the County County is is is also home to this delicious and and and innovating Trail Travel the the the SCBT and and and sample the the brewed distilled and and and and fermented beverages made with locally grown ingredients and and careful creative ideas Schoharie County Eagle Trail—The glorious sight of an an an eagle in in in flight over fields and and waterways is something not to be forgotten and and happens frequently in in in Schoharie County There are ten ten locations on on this Trail where eagles can be observed and and admired from safe safe distances for their safety and and our enjoyment Schoharie Schoharie County County Quilt Barn Trail—This Trail Trail takes drivers to to the the farthest parts of Schoharie Schoharie County County to to see huge quilt blocks done in in styles and and colors that have meaning and and and thought as as well as as Schoharie County County historical content It is is a a a a a a a a a wonderful and and powerful look at our beautiful County!
Long Path Hiking Trail—This Trail Trail is is a a a a a a foot trail
from the the George Washington Bridge through gorgeous Schoharie Schoharie County County with its final destination in fin in in in the the Adirondacks Hikers fin in in in in in Schoharie Schoharie County County encounter NYS forests glittering ponds high peaks overlooking the fertile valleys and much much more The Village of Middleburgh is a a a a a a a a a a much much deserved respite along the Trail with welcoming restaurants stores and a a a a a a pub Breathtaking!
Mine Kill State Park
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